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Sign Sprague's Wait Until 8th Pledge

Thank you to Sprague mother Allison S. Baker, MD, Child, Adolescent and Perinatal Psychiatrist, for spearheading this initiative.

Did you know? The mere presence of one's own smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity.


As a child psychiatrist and Sprague Mom, I am deeply invested in our school community's health. We all want our children and one another to thrive at school, at home, and in our lives. Being fully present and with all of our available cognitive capacities is an essential ingredient of health.


This is a national pledge that empowers parents to rally together to delay giving a SMARTPHONE* until at least 8th grade. When we band together as a Spraguewell community, it decreases the pressure to give our children a smartphone at an early age. Ten years old is the average age children get their first smartphone. We can change this as a community and directly improve the mental health of our children and families. 


More than 50,000 parents have said yes to waiting on smartphones for their children. 


Signing the pledge is easy - enter your information and look up Sprague using the "*Find Your Child's Current School" tool to join our community.


*Flip phones, watches with calling functions, etc. are not considered to impact children's mental health in the same negative way as smartphones. 

Join the Sprague community as we Wait Until 8th!

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