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Gift Giving Guidelines & Best Practices


If you are planning to give gifts - whether it’s cash, gift card, homemade- or store-bought item, or a card, there are a lot of people who keep Sprague running whom you may wish to thank.


Remember: there is NO requirement to give $ or gifts to anyone - but if you are inclined, a card is always appreciated. Consider the following list as a starting point!

  • Classroom Teachers

  • Teaching Assistants

  • Leigh Petrowsky (principal)

  • Lisa Licata (secretary)

  • Cristina Alvaro Sanchez (Spanish)

  • Vixen Peare (Spanish)

  • Jocelyn Habib (Spanish, kindergarten)

  • Kathryn Dexter (music)

  • Margaret Flitsch (PE)

  • Brian Corey (art)

  • Liz Pereillo (library)

  • Christine Babicz (nurse)

  • Scott Grady, Roger Parmigiane, Eric Porter (Custodial Staff)

  • Plus anyone who supports your child specifically for literacy, ISS, school adjustment, learning center, behavior, etc. 

  • Double-check your list against the staff directory!


Your child can leave any gifts with Lisa at the front desk to distribute; otherwise, drop it off at Sprague at your convenience.

A Summary of Gift Giving Rules from the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission

In summary, parents may give gifts either directly or through a group gift, but not both:


  • directly to teachers/staff and be subject to a limit of not more than $50 (i.e. $49.99);

  • through a group blind classroom gift subject to a limit of $150.

Please refer to the State Ethics Commission page Gifts to Public School Teachers and Staff for more information.


The Wellesley School system further clarified the state guidelines by stating that all gifts (products or cash) given by a person to a public employee within any 365 day period may be aggregated, and so must remain below $50 in total value ($49.99 max).

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