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Best. Year. Ever.
Fifth Grade

In their final year at Sprague, the fifth graders will enjoy a series of special activities, organized by our 5th Grade Sub-Committee, headed by Lisa Neighbors and Jenny Lee.

How You Can Help

The cost of 5th grade activities is approximately $150 per child and is covered by parent donations and fundraisers. You may donate via credit card (preferred), PayPal, Venmo, or cash/check. Information for each follows below.

All donations should include a note that your contribution is intended for 5th GRADE ACTIVITIES. Your donations are greatly appreciated and thoughtfully disbursed. 

Want to get involved?

Email Lisa and Jenny to help make this your fifth grader's best year yet! 

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Check/ Cash

Contribution Forms are in the school office. 
Leave the form, check/ cash in PTO mailbox.

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