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School Hours

To ensure the safety and health of all members of the Sprague community, do not bring any pets to school during arrival and dismissal times.

With the exception of some bus students who may arrive early, students should not arrive at school without adult supervision before 8:15 AM, as there is no staff supervision available prior to that time.

Learn more about drop-off and pick-up here.

Change of Dismissal Plans


Sprague uses PickUp Patrol to manage student dismissal changes.

PickUp Patrol saves administrative time and reduces interruptions in our classrooms, while still giving you the flexibility you need to make changes to your children’s plans. Most importantly, it helps Sprague get your children safely to their correct after-school destinations!

Learn more on the Sprague WPS site.

Already created your account? Make changes to your children's dismissal plans at PickUp Patrol.

Regular Morning Arrival

Sprague side view.jpeg

8:15 AM - Staff members available outside to supervise the students arriving for school. Between 8:15 and 8:24 AM, students will be encouraged to use this time to mingle with peers.

8:24 AM - ROUND-UP: The whistle will be blown and children will line up with their class.
8:30 AM - SCHOOL DAY BEGINS: The Teaching Assistants will escort the students into the building. Classroom teachers will be on board for the first few weeks to practice this transition.
8:30 AM - SECONDARY DOORS LOCKED: All students who arrive after this time will need to be admitted and signed in at the office. They will be marked TARDY on their attendance record and given a Tardy Slip to present to the teacher so that the teacher knows the child is accounted for in our attendance system.
8:45 AM - FRONT DOOR LOCKED. All arrivals will need to be buzzed in by the front office staff. 

Regular Afternoon Dismissal

Kindergarten Entrance.jpeg

Kindergarten - Third Grade

Students must be dismissed to an adult listed as an approved caretaker.


Fourth - Fifth Grade

With parent approval, fourth and fifth graders may pick-up second or third-grade siblings.


Dismissal Time

3:04 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
12:00 PM on Wednesday


Dismissal Areas

WCCC Students: Music Room
METCO: Nurse's Office/ Escorted to Gym
Wellesley Bus: Main Office
Kindergarten Students: Kindgergarten Classroom Doors
Car Line: Gym. Children are called when the caregiver arrives in pick-up line.

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