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CAS Team Members Responsibilities

CAS Grade Rep Responsibilities

Each grade at Sprague has at least one parent volunteer who works with a Sprague teacher to coordinate, set-up, and plan CAS events for the year. 

2022-2023 NEW CAS Volunteers

Interested in joining as a Grade Rep for the 2023-2024 school year? Email Wendy Englebardt at AND to learn more and get started.​

Planning & Resources

CAS Grade Rep Resources

Planning Notes: 

Email all program planning updates to Wendy Englebardt will update our event tracking spreadsheet.



No CAS events can be scheduled on 2023 MCAS test dates:

  • Grade 3: April 11, April 13, May 15, May 16

  • Grade 4: April 3, April 4, May 8, May 9 

  • Grade 5: March 30, March 31, May 4, May 5, May 22

CAS Grade Rep Checklist


  1. Contact your Grade Level Teacher and review program offerings and dates. 

    1. Each grade should have 3-4 programs per year with an annual budget target of $2,600 per grade.

    2. No CAS events can be scheduled on MCAS test dates, listed above. Dates subject to change.

  2. Once CAS programs have been identified and possible dates selected, contact the program vendors.

  3. Ask the program vendor for dates, price, configuration, i.e. one class at a time or whole grade at once, preferred venue, i.e. gym or classroom, etc.

  4. Review dates with your Grade Level Teacher and finalize.

  5. Email with date, cost, room needs, etc, and the chair will update the event table.

  6. Get a proposal/ invoice from the vendor. Proposal or invoice MUST be addressed to Sprague School PTO.

  7. Order checks from Sprague PTO Treasurers (2022-23: Hande Alparslan and Jill Wells) for payment of CAS events. Check request form can be found here.

    1. Event contracts often require multiple checks for partial payment, deposit, etc.

    2. Pay all unpaid portions in full on the day of the event.

  8. IF the event cannot be held in a classroom, contact Lisa Licata ( and Scott Grady ( to confirm availability of venue and inform them of event date for Calendar and Facilities.

  9. One week prior to the event, confirm the event with the vendor and teacher and set time to meet on day-of.

If you cannot attend, confirm that a grade rep teacher or another parent is available to greet them upon arrival and direct them to set up.


Day Of Event

  1. Greet the vendor prior to the event start and direct them to the event room for set-up

  2. Pay all unpaid portions to the vendor (see point 7 above).

  3. If possible, attend the event yourself to take pictures, take videos, and complete the event evaluation form.


Following Event

  1. Present teachers with an evaluation form of the event.

  2. Email the teachers’ and your completed evaluation forms and any other relevant documents to

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