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Creative Arts and Sciences

Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) coordinates school-wide and grade-specific programs that support the curriculum, welcoming performers, scientists and authors into the school (ongoing September to June). ​ 


This effort is funded by Sprague parents like you, so be sure to Donate to the Sprague PTO to support your child's enrichment!Watch for CAS updates in the weekly Sprague Pulse!


If you would like to learn more about Sprague’s CAS program or volunteer as a Parent Rep, click here.

Building a Robot

Meet the 2022-2023 CAS Team

Image by Lucas Alexander


Image by Crissy Jarvis

3rd Grade

Jill Wells:

Jennifer Lundbohn:

Image by Anton Sukhinov

1st Grade

Mary Tricolli:

Louisa Blumenthal:

Image by CDC

2nd Grade


Jo Kaplan Lee:

Alee Rogers:


Molly Bruni:

Megan Conroy:

Lisa Cannon:

Image by Element5 Digital

4th Grade


Lisa Neighbors:

Moe Henzel:


Amy Sussman:

Suzanne Colangeli:

Kristine Perodeau:

Image by Sen

5th Grade

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